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Top Office Design Trends for 2024

Posted by Michael Astle on Apr 9, 2024 12:30:00 PM

Office design trends for 2024 are shaping up to be truly transformative, with a focus on creating work environments that prioritize both sustainability and employee well-being. Many of these trends are continuations of the trends we saw in 2023 such as a focus on wellness, flexibility and employee comfort. These trends are evolving as we see more people returning to offices and a rise in spaces that incorporate more sustainability elements. The term biophilic has become more commonly used this year with office design for spaces that bring nature into employee areas. 

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The KITS collaborator Guide to Trends in Office Meeting Spaces

Posted by Michael Astle on May 31, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Embracing the Hybrid Work Model in Office Solutions

The workplace landscape has experienced a significant shift with the rise of hybrid working. As organizations adapt to the new normal, office meeting spaces have become crucial in facilitating collaboration, communication, and productivity. They have a new and elevated purpose when people are in space together less often. In this blog post, we will explore the latest trends in meeting spaces for offices and discuss how they align with the hybrid work model. As The KITS Collaborator aims to equip sales representatives with valuable insights for your clients, we will delve into key aspects of office design and how you can make your presentations better while showcasing the industry knowledge you bring to your client partners.

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2022 Office Design Trends from NeoCon 2022

Posted by Michael Astle on Jul 20, 2022 12:00:00 PM

NeoCon 2022 returned in full swing in June, a chance for professionals from the furniture, architecture, and design industries to connect after a multiple-year hiatus. At this kind of event, we often can get a good snapshot of current design industry trends and what we can expect soon from workplace design. This year, we saw the latest in 2022 office design trends and we’re excited about what we could soon see and help you visualize, design, and implement.

Several KiSP team members from our visualization and KITS Collaborator teams were at NeoCon 2022 so here are some highlights of the displays and trends we saw there. Top-level observation from our teams: we saw trends arising in sustainability, hybrid workspaces, and a focus on bringing a sense of home into office workspaces. Let’s dive into each of these three trends and the products and designs that we saw that were showcased.

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Preparing Your Clients Space for Social Distancing

Posted by Julia Battistone on Jul 24, 2020 10:15:00 AM


As offices begin to re-open, employers need to assess their work environments and find ways to create a safe and healthy workplace for returning employees. Health authorities such as the CDC have recently published employer information for office buildings to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

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NeoCon Goes Virtual: Sign Up for NeoConnect

Posted by Rachel Chan on Jun 4, 2020 4:09:18 PM

During this time of uncertainty, many organizations have made the difficult decision to either postpone or cancel their industry events. As we continue to support social distancing, alternatives to face-to-face meetings and conferences have started to appear.

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Considerations when Reopening Your Physical Office

Posted by Rachel Chan on Apr 23, 2020 1:56:55 PM

To say that this COVID-19 crisis has changed our personal and professional lives would be an understatement. And the notion of going ‘back to normal’ has also changed - we can expect some changes, ongoing to our workplaces even when reopening after COVID-19.

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