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Posted by Michael Astle on May 31, 2023 12:00:00 PM
Michael Astle

Embracing the Hybrid Work Model in Office Solutions

The workplace landscape has experienced a significant shift with the rise of hybrid working. As organizations adapt to the new normal, office meeting spaces have become crucial in facilitating collaboration, communication, and productivity. They have a new and elevated purpose when people are in space together less often. In this blog post, we will explore the latest trends in meeting spaces for offices and discuss how they align with the hybrid work model. As The KITS Collaborator aims to equip sales representatives with valuable insights for your clients, we will delve into key aspects of office design and how you can make your presentations better while showcasing the industry knowledge you bring to your client partners.

Flexible and Agile Spaces Meeting Spaces

One of the prominent trends in office meeting spaces is the emphasis on flexibility and agility. With hybrid working becoming the norm, organizations need meeting spaces that can quickly adapt to various requirements. Versatile furniture arrangements, such as modular tables and movable partitions, allow offices to transform spaces to suit different purposes. Whether it's a team brainstorming session or a one-on-one meeting, the flexibility of these spaces encourages collaboration and fosters a dynamic work environment. By offering such adaptable solutions, sales reps can address clients' needs for flexible meeting spaces that promote productivity and teamwork all inside a smaller space,

Designing Meeting Rooms for Clients and Internal Teams

When designing the space, consider the distinction between meeting spaces intended for clients and those meant for internal teams. Meeting spaces where clients will be invited should prioritize professionalism, functionality, and a touch of sophistication. These spaces should reflect the company's brand image, exuding a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. Sales representatives can emphasize to clients the importance of creating an impressive first impression through well-designed and thoughtfully furnished client-facing meeting spaces.

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On the other hand, meeting spaces dedicated to internal collaboration can embrace a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. These spaces should prioritize comfort and inspire creativity, encouraging open discussions and idea generation. By providing insights into these distinct requirements, The KITS collaborator equips sales reps with the knowledge to guide clients in creating distinct meeting spaces that cater to both client impressions and internal team collaborations.

Technology Integration

As virtual collaboration continues to play a significant role in the hybrid work model, integrating technology into meeting spaces has become crucial. Office meeting rooms are now equipped with advanced audio and video conferencing systems, interactive displays, and smart whiteboards. These tech-enabled setups ensure seamless communication between in-person and remote participants, enhancing productivity and engagement. The KITS collaborator can provide sales representatives with insights on the latest technology integration trends, enabling them to design with clients towards meeting spaces that embrace cutting-edge solutions and manage all the logistics of cable management and integrating furniture and tech vendors.

Wellness and Comfort in Meeting Rooms

The hybrid work model places increased importance on employee well-being, and meeting spaces are no exception. Office design trends now prioritize ergonomic furniture, natural lighting, and proper ventilation to create a comfortable and healthy environment. Collaborative areas can feature standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and even dedicated spaces for relaxation or mindfulness exercises.

Design Aesthetics and Brand Identity

In recent years, office meeting spaces have witnessed a shift towards a more casual and inviting aesthetic. Gone are the days of stiff boardrooms and formal settings. Modern meeting spaces now embrace a balance between professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere. Casual design elements, such as comfortable seating options, vibrant colors, and natural materials, create a welcoming ambiance that promotes collaboration and creativity.

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To incorporate these aesthetic trends, meeting spaces can feature lounge-inspired seating areas, flexible furniture arrangements, and cozy breakout zones. Adding plants, artwork, and personalized touches can further enhance the overall ambiance and reflect the company's culture.

Meeting spaces are also an extension of a company's brand identity and culture. Office designs now emphasize unique aesthetics and personalized touches to create memorable spaces that reflect the organization's values. This trend allows companies to differentiate themselves and leave a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Guide clients in selecting furniture that aligns with their brand image, while creating inspiring meeting spaces, especially those that are meant to be client-facing.

Key Questions to Achieve Great Meeting Space Design:

When kicking off your discussion for a meeting space, try covering a few key questions to set you and your client down the right path for putting together the right solution:

How would you describe the overall atmosphere or vibe you want to create in your meeting room

Understanding the desired ambiance helps in determining the appropriate furniture styles, color schemes, and lighting choices that align with the client's vision.

What are the primary functions and activities that will take place in the meeting room?

Knowing whether the room will be used for formal client meetings, brainstorming sessions, or collaborative team discussions helps in determining the layout, seating arrangements, and necessary technology integration.

How many people would typically be present in the meeting room?

Determining the average meeting size helps in selecting the appropriate furniture capacity and arrangement, ensuring comfort and efficient space utilization.

Are there any specific technology requirements for the meeting room?

Inquiring about the client's technology needs helps in recommending audiovisual equipment, video conferencing solutions, and connectivity options to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration.

Does your company have a specific brand aesthetic or design guidelines you'd like the meeting room to align with?

Understanding the client's brand identity and design preferences helps in recommending furniture styles, colors, and materials that reflect their company's image, creating a cohesive and professional environment

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In the era of hybrid working, office meeting rooms have evolved to accommodate the changing needs of organizations. Companies can create meeting environments that foster collaboration, engagement, and productivity by incorporating flexible and agile spaces, integrating technology, prioritizing wellness, and aligning with brand aesthetics. The KITS collaborator provides sales representatives with valuable insights into these trends, enabling them to position their furniture solutions as the ideal choice for meeting spaces that support the hybrid work model. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace these trends to empower your workforce and elevate your office meeting experiences.

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