Preparing Your Clients Space for Social Distancing

Posted by Julia Battistone on Jul 24, 2020 10:15:00 AM
Julia Battistone


As offices begin to re-open, employers need to assess their work environments and find ways to create a safe and healthy workplace for returning employees. Health authorities such as the CDC have recently published employer information for office buildings to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

Before resuming operations, it is suggested that office spaces are checked to see if it’s ready for occupancy following guidelines such as: 

  • Arrange chairs in reception and shared spaces by turning, draping, spacing, or removing chairs to maintain social distancing 
  • Place signs, tape marks, or other visual cues 6-feet apart to show where to stand when barriers are not possible 
  • Check routes of entry and exit for safe traffic flow 
  • Increase airflow to improve ventilation (if possible)
  • Encourage hand hygiene by setting up sanitation stations at key areas of the floor space 
  • Consider layout changes to lunch rooms, meeting rooms, and open areas 

With a long, detailed list of guidelines, preparing office spaces may seem overwhelming for many management teams. Dealerships and their sales team may notice a surge in clients requesting help with restructuring their work-spaces for employee health and safety. This is why our team with The KITS collaborator has launched a new design collection catalog that features social distancing elements to help present visual solutions.  

KITS Design Collection: Social Distancing Elements

Our Content Creation team for The KITS collaborator has developed a catalog to help sales reps prepare appropriate layout designs for their clients. The KITS Design Collection is known for custom decorative items and architectural elements that enhance your renderings. With this new catalog, KITS users can access safety zones, dividers, way-finding markers and equipment to give a visual representation of COVID safety measures. KITS_SocialDistance

In our latest blog article, Considerations When Reopening Your Physical Office, we introduced the '6-feet Office Concept' that has been shared by industry experts. Tight and confined work areas can quickly turn into disease breeding grounds, and the best way to give your clients a better understanding of this safety precaution is by including distancing circles to a typical workstation. 


KITScollaborator_SocialDistanceGuidesScreenshot from The KITS collaborator shows distancing circles with a converted workstation setup


As you can see, suggesting these safety measures with supporting visuals can provide your clients with a next level understanding and the confidence to go forward with your services. Since we fist launched the KITS Design Collection catalog, users of our tool have shared their positive experiences with adding decorative items to their simple renderings. 

"The KITS Office Elements gives an added layer to a rendering, giving a more real life view of what a clients office will look like. Utilizing structural element gives a real sense of space and relations to the walls, windows and doors around us. No two offices are alike and being able to drop a column right where it belongs and being able to space plan around that, makes everyone's jobs a whole lot easier." - Mike M., Operations Manager, McMillan Business Interiors

Getting Started with the Design Collection

For current users of The KITS collaborator, accessing this catalog and getting started with social distancing elements is very simple. You will first need to access the Subscription screen on your KITS account and find KITS Design Collection under the publisher list. This is where you can sync catalog from over 70 manufacturers we have available. Next, sync the KITS Social Distancing Elements catalog and in just a few minutes you will have complete access to the entire catalog. You can now start new projects or return to past projects and include elements to help visualize safe distancing in the workplace. 

KITS_SocialDistanceCatalogSync the KITS Social Distancing Elements catalog on The KITS collaborator

If you have not yet invested in a mobile sales tool, you can connect with our sales team here for a live demonstration of this catalog and the many other features available on The KITS collaborator. 

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