Break Boundaries and Expand your Business Reach with your Online Virtual Showroom

Posted by Michael Astle on Nov 22, 2023 4:44:24 PM
Michael Astle

Ensuring your furniture business can reach the widest number of people relies on many factors. Is your business easy to access? Can people view your products easily? Do you have a digital presence that stands out from your competition? These are just some of the things you need to consider when trying to expand your business reach, especially in today’s business landscape, which is a very digital one. By employing the use of an online virtual showroom, you can take steps to increase your business reach while you learn more about your customer/client behavior and interest in your products. 

We’ve seen a spike in virtual showrooms over the past few years due to a digital shift in many workplaces, but these online virtual showrooms are here to stay. Join us as we walk you through the different ways that virtual showrooms can help expand your furniture business reach.

Make Your Products Easier to Preview and Access

When you limit yourself to physical showrooms, you limit the number of places where consumers can come and see your products. If they don’t live nearby, are they going to make the journey in to see your products? Especially online shopping has become so commonplace today. This doesn’t set you up for success and doesn’t let you get the reach you need. Not to mention the costs of maintaining a physical space.

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When you create an online virtual showroom for interested clients and customers to come visit, you greatly increase the number of people who can preview your products more easily. You can even expand your reach to outside of your state, province, or country. There also is no limit to when they can visit your virtual showroom as it will always be available online.

If you’re worrying about clients not being able to get the best sense of your products in a virtual setting, you can add certain features to your showroom to help them better understand what you are offering. With KiSP’s infinite showrooms, we allow you to create AR objects of any of your products. Anyone who views your online virtual showroom will be able to use a mobile device to view a 3D model of your product in their own space with a high level of detail and accuracy when it comes to size and scale.

Track Your Customer Interests

When you have customers visiting your physical showroom it can be hard to keep track of everything they look at and get a sense of what caught their interest. You are either busy dealing with other clients/customers or other duties. The benefit of using an online virtual showroom is that you can get a very accurate picture of a potential client/customer’s journey through your showroom. 
With proper tracking set up in a virtual showroom, you can see what products your customers look at the most and see how much time they spend examining them. This can give you sense of what products are grabbing customers attention and you can start looking into why. With track you also can get a sense of how people shop. Do they first go to desks, then chairs? What is their shopping process? Learning this can help you better set up your showroom to display your products in the most efficient way for customers.

Adapt Quicker to the Latest Trends

Setting up a showroom is a lengthy and physical process. You need to assemble your furniture, plan your space, plan your lighting, and create a path for customers/clients. This can take a lot of time and manpower. With an online virtual showroom, the process for setting up a virtual showroom is much shorter and doesn’t require space or manpower. Because of this, it means you can set up larger virtual spaces more quickly. With the ability to create showrooms quickly it means you can create new showrooms that reflect the current trends in a fraction of the time. You can position your business as someone who follows trends closely and is ready to react. Instilling trust in your client’s decision to work with you.

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You can also create multiple showrooms rather than just stick with one. You can show your product's flexibility across multiple industries. Many pieces of furniture that work in an office would likely work in a healthcare space as well. And furniture for education can be shown in the multitude of environments available to learners today.

Start Expanding Your Reach

We hope that you can now see how having an online virtual showroom can expand your business’s reach by making your products easier to access and preview with an “always open” showroom available to the whole world; by allowing you to better track your customer's interest and buying journey; and allowing you to expand beyond your physical space to adapt to the latest trends. 

The Virtual Showroom, developed by KiSP, revolutionizes the way furniture businesses present their products to a global audience. By harnessing the power of virtual reality and augmented reality, companies can extend their reach, engage customers with interactive experiences, showcase a wide range of colors and finishes, and effortlessly update and modify their showrooms. As the furniture industry continues to embrace digital innovation, the Virtual Showroom stands as an essential tool for maximizing investment and connecting with customers beyond the limitations of physical showrooms. 


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