Why Your Dealership Needs to Invest in Mobile Sales for Teams

Posted by Rachel Chan on Aug 19, 2019 2:14:51 PM
Rachel Chan

With the industry shifting into a digital space, many dealerships are investing in cutting-edge technology that focuses on supporting the success of their employees. Board rooms are equipped with smart screens for seamless virtual meetings, workstations are now fitted with the latest hardware devices, and sales reps have mobile tools to help them connect with clients and close sales faster.


1. Everyone Can Take KITS with them Anywhere They Go

Your sales reps are always on the move. Unlike the other teams in your dealership, your sales reps will need tools to support their success by investing in the proper tools to help sell at any moment. The last thing your sales reps want to worry about is whether the iPad/Windows 10 tablet with The KITS collaborator will be free for them to use. 

With equipping your sales reps with their own individual KITS licenses, each sales rep can now bring their own mobile sales tool with them to any client meetings without any restrictions. 

Mobile sales tools are designed to give your sales team the added mobility to never miss out on an opportunity for a sale. Whether your sales reps are heading to meetings with clients or attending conferences, the mobility that The KITS collaborator provides allows you to browse catalogs and present solutions whenever and wherever you are. By equipping your sales team fully with their own individual licenses, your sales reps will have greater flexibility to meet with more clients and have more opportunities to get to the sale quicker.


2. Share your Projects with Ease

We find that some teams who start incorporating a mobile sales tool believe that sharing one account will make it easier for colleagues to access all projects created for their client base. While this may have some degree of truth to it, the fact of the matter is that there are multiple risks you will run into when you do not equip each of your sales rep with their own individual license. 

One of the biggest risks when sharing a KITS license is the possibility of accidentally deleting another team member’s projects from the dashboard. Not only would this be incredibly inconvenient for your colleague, but this set back could also affect the quality of the sale you make with your client. Plus, with your team members having full access to your work, you run the risk of them editing, renaming, or moving your projects elsewhere - but these risks can be completely eliminated with equipping your reps with their own licenses.


“One of the sales reps was trying to get a project done and was on a timeline, so to get some help she shared the project she was working on with me. With absolutely no design background at all I was able to work on her project and finish it off.”
Robin (Holland Landing, ON)


Aside from the general benefits of being able to customize your own dashboard, once you have linked your mobile sales tool for your teams, sharing your projects within your team will be quick and simple. This process is similar to using your company’s desktop shared folder or a web-based platform like Google Drive. Plus, with providing your salespersons with their own individual licenses, your reps now have greater control over what they want to share with their team, and what projects to keep separately on their dashboards. Having the option to dedicate the folder to specific projects that are finished or need a second opinion will keep your KITS dashboard much more organized.


3. One License, One Contact

We created KITS to help connect today’s office furniture sales professionals with their clients better. That is why we have automated The KITS collaborator to generate your signature in places that would make the sales experience more personal to your client. 

Another downfall when sharing a single KITS license with your team is that there is only one name attached to a KITS license. This means that if your license is under your name and your colleague wants to send a project from KITS, your name will be attached to the email correspondence, not your colleague. Not only can it seem confusing for your client obtaining your information instead of your colleague’s, but it can be unprofessional. 

Picture it from your client’s perspective. If you have printed out a quick sheet to share with them, but scribble out your colleague’s information and wrote your own, that is not a very impressive client meeting. Or if you received an email from “customerservice@outlook.com” versus “amandasmith@outlook.com”, which one are you most likely to open? 

Having a name attached to any correspondence or interaction with your client enhances the sales process by making it more personal. Although this may seem like a small detail that may get overlooked, any way you can improve your client’s experience is a step worth taking.


4. Everyone can Benefit from a KITS License

Although it is crucial for each person on your sales reps to have their own unique KITS account, every department in your dealership can experience the benefits of using a mobile sales tool for their teams.

One team that would benefit from a tool like The KITS collaborator would be your marketing team. Although your marketing team would love to create stunning marketing materials with photo-realistic renderings, the process of hiring a 3D designer or outsourcing the project can be quite costly. Plus, manufacturers creating brochures or any online promotions will need visuals to make it more eye-catching. 

Providing your marketing team with their own licenses will allow them to create visuals for any online platforms or promotional advertisements. From blog posts to website graphics and even your social media accounts, using The KITS collaborator provides your marketing team with a way to create renderings at the fraction of a cost in a much less time-consuming manner.


It's Time to Start

Although investing in multiple KITS licenses may seem like an unnecessary expense for what seems to be a slight improvement in convenience, these steps are critical in securing the success of your dealership. Not only does it speaks volumes to your dealership’s willingness to support their employees, but it also gives your company the competitive edge it needs to win more business. The bottom line is that equipping your dealership properly with individual sales solutions will be a long-term investment into your business’s future. It’s time to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power to show and sell.


The KITS collaborator™ - Mobile Sales Platform was developed to be the go-to solution for all departments of a dealership. If you’re interested in equipping your dealership with KITS, click here to sign up for your own personal online demo. For more information about The KITS collaborator and all its features, check out our product tour page here.

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