Success Story: John C.

Posted by Rachel Chan on Sep 27, 2019 3:01:04 PM
Rachel Chan

"I have used Giza since its inception, in fact my instructor, when Paoli first adopted it, was the man that developed the software. As most of the companies I represent joined the The KITS collaborator library, I decided to give the software a try. Background, very few of my rural dealers have designers, so they depend on me to help them with their layouts and quotations. KITS is the greatest!

I can do a full color layout and quotation in a quarter of the time it takes me to do the same thing on Giza and the renditions are much better than visual impressions. And I’m doing this on a Dell touch screen laptop running Windows 10. Also, the software paid for itself the first month I owned it. Talk about ROI!

Attached is a hospital waiting room using HPFI. I’m not a designer, but the dealer sales person and the hospital didn’t care when they gave us the PO.

What I really love about Kits is the speed I can get one of my quotes to a dealer. I just spent 20 minutes typing a quote for Regency that would have taken me 5 with Kits. I have begged Skip Summerville to get his company on Kits.

Once you learn how to use the building elements to provide a more realistic room setting, you can show the end user the exact colors of the fabrics and the furniture placed in the room itself.

The waiting room attached was done with nothing more than a rough hand drawing of the room on graph paper for the measurements and a couple of pictures of the room. You don’t have to have an Apple product to do that.

By the way, I just ordered a 25” touch screen monitor from Dell, just so I have a larger work area. I frankly don’t know how people using a tablet do it. I do love my Kits."


John C.
Manufacturer Rep
J&B Contract
Brandon, MS

Renderings created by John:

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