Success Story: Brandon S

Posted by Rachel Chan on Dec 11, 2019 3:28:07 PM
Rachel Chan

"I've really enjoyed using The KITS collaborator, it's a great tool. With its quick render features, KITS enables me to render a floor plan right in front of my client during our meeting. Being able to render a project in front of the customer not only made me look efficient, but it also helped the customer make choices on customization much easier

One of my favorite features is the ability to quote based on what we drew up in the meeting. The Quick Sheets feature lists out the product and the price of all the items in the project and I can quickly send it to their email right in front of them.

There was this one time where a prospect contacted me about a project that required 15 desks with 4 different storage configurations. With KITS, I was able to drag and drop their desired desk solution, quickly render the desks with their variations and use the Quick Sheets feature to send a quote to my client. 

After incorporating KITS into my daily routine, I've found that the sell cycle has become a smooth and expedited process. Deals used to take me weeks to close, but now with KITS, it takes just a matter of days. KITS not only saves me time, but also saves my designer time."

Brandon S.
Sales, Wist Business Supplies
Tempe, AZ

Renderings created by Brandon:

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