Manufacturer Spotlight: Workrite

Posted by Rachel Chan on Feb 3, 2020 10:12:00 AM
Rachel Chan

We’re thrilled to announce that Workrite’s catalogs are now available for you to explore in The KITS collaborator. Explore their extensive line of ergonomic office furniture by clicking here to request access and start syncing their digital catalogs today!

Workrite Desk ConfigurationsWhy Workrite?

Based in Petaluma CA, Workrite Ergonomics specializes in designing and creating products that prioritizes the end user’s health and comfort. With over 25 years of experience, Workrite has become an international industry leader in office ergonomics, helping businesses curate workspaces that empower their employees to work better. 

Throughout the years, Workrite has continued to adapt to the latest in ergonomic technology, meeting the needs of the modern-day professional. From their sit-stand desks to keyboard tray systems, their line of high-quality dynamic systems is intuitive to use while enhancing the user’s comfort and productivity. Choose from their range of color, fabric, and finishes to create a customized space that matches your client’s vision. 

To begin building with Workrite Ergonomic’s digital catalogs, head over to The KITS collaborator and start creating today!

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