Manufacturer Spotlight: Friant

Posted by Rachel Chan on Jun 3, 2020 11:10:28 AM
Rachel Chan

We’re excited to announce that Friant’s digital catalogs for their line of office furniture solutions are now available on The KITS collaborator! To start building new projects with their products, you can request access here.

Friant Desk Configuration

Meet Friant

Style and quality are the two main pillars of Friant’s mission in creating stunning functional solutions for the modern workplace. From their line of ergonomic seating products to their multi-storage desk configurations, all of their solutions were designed to be both visually striking and practical for the end user. Plus, all of their solutions are customisable to what your clients are looking for. Friant has an extensive range of fabrics and finishes so your clients have more freedom and flexibility to choose what fits best with their vision. 

To start exploring their full line of products, fabrics, and finishes on The KITS collaborator, request access here to access their digital catalogs. Begin specifying and turning your client’s vision into a reality. 

For more information, please visit:


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