Manufacturer Spotlight: Express Office Furniture

Posted by Rachel Chan on Jan 10, 2020 10:48:13 AM
Rachel Chan

Express Office Furniture’s digital catalogs are now available for all KITS users to explore on both the iPad and Windows 10 version of The KITS collaborator! Sync their catalogs, and begin creating your next project with their line of innovative office furniture solutions. To request access, click here.

Desk Configuration

From reception areas to office suites, Express Office Furniture offers an exceptionally wide range of products - you’re bound to find exactly what your client needs. With their keen focus on functionality and design, Express Office Furniture’s solutions are high-quality, practical and versatile, ensuring the furniture is working with the end-user, not the other way around. From upholstery to laminate, unlock the potential for an infinite number of ways to customize the specific furniture solution to fit your client’s vision.

As with any of our manufacturer catalogs on The KITS collaborator, everything is customizable.

To begin building with Express Office Furniture, head over to The KITS collaborator and start creating today!

To learn more, please visit

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