Gen Z Office Design – Attracting the Generation Now Entering the Workforce

Posted by Michael Astle on Sep 20, 2023 12:00:00 PM
Michael Astle

We are now in the age of Gen Z starting to join the workforce in industries around the world. Like every generation, those of Gen Z have specific priorities in their life when it comes to work, family, and money and because of this, office designers are learning how to cater to Gen X workers. Many are wondering what Gen Z office design looks like and how can employers attract new Gen Z workers. 

We’ve looked at the latest trends when it comes to Gen Z office design as well as some of the main points that Gen Z workers consider when looking for employment. Take these points into consideration when designing spaces using tools like The KITS collaborator so you can design the perfect Gen Z office space.

Gen Z and Remote Work

Something that not all employers may realize is that many Gen. Z workers started working either in the middle of the pandemic or just before it started. Many Gen. Z workers are used to remote work and greatly enjoy the benefits that come with it. Many are hesitant to return to the offices. This hesitancy could be because of the commute time, the work environment as well as the ability to focus in a more social space. Like many other employees, they are looking for a sense of home in the workplace, a continuing trend that we see throughout design today. Office space designers will really have to think about some major benefits to Gen. Z workers when designing offices to really attract them into the space. The trends we mention below should outline some ways to attract Gen Z workers with forward-looking office design.

Gen Z and Tech

Gen Z is known for being very tech-savvy and having a good understanding of today's digital tools. That's probably why remote work came so easy to them because it was an easy process for them to figure out remote tools and even grow to prefer them. When designing a space for a Gen. Z office, make sure to consider how technology is likely to change over the next couple of years. Hybrid offices are looking to be a major trend moving forward, and so making sure that you design spaces for video conferencing (both privately and as a group) will be a major aspect of Gen Z office design to ensure employees can stay connected. Consider ways you can incorporate tech into the design itself and make the choice of which devices to use flexible.. Think about smart displays, cameras, and audio equipment when designing meeting spaces.

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Gen. Z has learned how to adapt quickly to keep up with the changing technology and work landscape of the past few years. They've demonstrated that they are extremely flexible and can work in a multitude of environments. However, they will also crave this flexibility in their work structure. Many will prefer either remote working or a mixture of in-office and remote. 
You want to make sure you design spaces in your office that are easy for workers to come into for short periods of time or temporarily. These spaces should still be just as comfortable and welcoming to ensure hybrid workers feel just as welcome as the rest of the team. Also, because of their willingness to adapt and work on the fly, make sure you have spaces that can be changed to meet their needs. If they want to have a quick meeting with many people, make sure you have a space that allows them to do so. Or if they're looking for quick private chats, make sure you have a way to facilitate that as well.

Gen Z and Stimuli

Many Gen. Z workers prefer to work from home because it allows them to create an environment where they can focus on their work. They can avoid distractions from the outside world and get their work done neatly and efficiently. Coming into an office space, there are a lot of distractions that can happen. There can be people chatting around you. There could be sounds from the outside as well as just general building noises. 

To make things easier for Gen Z workers try and design with a sense of blocking out stimuli when you can. The major thing to consider is the acoustics of the room you're designing in. Consider products that have soft fabrics that can help absorb noise as well as create spaces that people can go to if they need to focus more than they can just at their normal desk.

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One of the major things that still attracts Gen. Z workers into the office is the ease of collaboration that can happen in person. For them, a major benefit of coming into the office is a chance to connect with their coworkers and grow stronger as a team. If your Gen. Z workers are only going to be coming in for short periods of time or following a hybrid schedule it is important to make sure you have collaborative spaces in your design. We mean more than just meeting spaces, but spaces where you can actually work together and complete projects. Consider incorporating more tools for collaboration into your design, such as whiteboard dividers, larger worktables, and casual sitting areas.


Start Bringing in the Next Generation

We hope you now have a better understanding of what Gen. Z workers are looking for when it comes to a Gen. Z office design. Like many people returning from remote work, they are looking for a sense of home and comfort when it comes to their office design. But they are a tech-smart bunch who are looking for easy tech compatibility with the workplace and a design that is forward-thinking. And like all workers they are looking for the chance to collaborate with their colleagues. We hope you can take these trends and ideas and incorporate them into your designs moving forward.

If you want to learn more about how you can use The KITS collaborator to design your Gen. Z office spaces, schedule a demo with us today. Or if you want some tips and tricks on how to create more agile meeting spaces, check out our blog here.

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