The Value of Creating Proper Product Data: A Key to Sales Success

Posted by Michael Astle on Sep 1, 2023 12:30:00 PM
Michael Astle

As customer research and sales rely more heavily on great visual selling over time, creating product data is a crucial step for businesses aiming to thrive in the highly competitive marketplace. Product data encompasses various elements, including swatches/finishes, pricing, 2D-3D graphics and descriptions. By investing time and effort in creating proper product data, companies can ensure seamless ordering and delivery processes, facilitate collaboration with dealer partners, appear on popular sales or designer platforms, and build compelling digital imaging for their websites. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of creating complete product data and provide insights on how to maximize its value.

What is Complete Product Data?

Complete product data consists of some essential elements: graphics (2D-3D) to have a better understanding of the product, swatches/finishes to see how the product looks when applying different materials to the many surfaces the product may have, pricing, and descriptions along with the main features it offers. When it comes to digital catalogs and sales tools, having detailed information such as drawings, pricing, visual options, and finish choices is crucial. By providing comprehensive data, companies can enable customers to make informed decisions and increase their chances of making a purchase. Creating complete product data acts as the foundation for a seamless customer experience, and the opportunity to be shown in popular sales or designer platforms.

Why Does Creating Product Data Matter?

Ensure Accuracy and Updates: Creating proper product data ensures that all styles, finishes, and pricing information are accurate and up to date. By avoiding discrepancies and inconsistencies, companies can build trust with their customers and avoid potential confusion or dissatisfaction. Regularly updating product data also allows businesses to adapt to market trends and respond to changes in customer preferences swiftly.

Facilitate Dealer Partnerships: Making it easy for dealer partners to showcase your products is crucial for expanding your reach and increasing sales. When your complete product data is readily available in the most common tools, your products become more visible to potential customers. This enhanced accessibility puts you at an advantage by increasing the frequency of your products being included in sales conversations, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and revenue.

Streamline Creative Processes: Investing time in creating proper product data can significantly reduce the time it takes to create future renderings, animations, space planning typicals, and pricing updates. By having a comprehensive data repository, businesses can leverage existing product data and build upon it, saving valuable time and resources. This efficiency allows companies to focus on other critical aspects of their operations and accelerates their speed to market.

What Can You Do With Proper Product Data?

Expand Sales Platform Reach: By creating and maintaining proper product data, businesses can appear on popular sales platforms such as The KITS collaborator, or designer platforms such as Project Matrix, 20/20, and Configura. These platforms offer access to a vast network of potential customers, enabling companies to reach a wider audience. By being showcased on these platforms, businesses increase their chances of getting noticed, generating leads, and ultimately closing more sales.

Enhance Digital Imaging: Proper product data can be leveraged to build compelling digital imaging tools for websites, such as product configurators, renderings, animations, and fly-throughs. In today's digital age, these visual aids play a crucial role in captivating potential customers and creating immersive experiences. By offering interactive and visually appealing digital experiences, businesses can effectively showcase their products and differentiate themselves from the competition.

How to Start Creating Product Data

There are a few key things you’ll want to consider before embarking on a data creation project. 

Seek a Consultative Partner: When embarking on the journey of creating product data, find a consultative partner who can work with you to establish goals and ensure that you are building data that aligns with your specific needs. A consultative partner can provide valuable guidance on how to break your project down into manageable pieces, ensuring a structured and efficient approach. They can also assist in working with any existing data you may have to complete and enhance it, saving you time and resources.

Ensure Data Ownership: It is vital to ensure that you retain ownership of your product data. By creating agnostic data that can be used across various platforms, you have the flexibility to adapt and expand your sales channels without constraints.

Maintain Editability: Flexibility is key when it comes to creating product data. Ensure that the data format allows for future edits and updates. This will empower your business to make the necessary modifications

Working with a consultative partner allows you to leverage their expertise and industry knowledge, gaining insights into best practices and emerging trends. They can help you navigate the complexities of product data creation, ensuring that you are on the right track to achieve your objectives. With their support, you can optimize your data creation process, making it more efficient and effective.

In today's digital marketplace, the value of creating proper product data cannot be overstated. By investing time and effort in generating comprehensive and accurate information, businesses can ensure smooth ordering and delivery processes, enhance collaborations with dealer partners, and expand their reach through popular sales platforms. Additionally, proper product data enables companies to build compelling digital imaging tools, captivating customers and driving sales.

At KiSP, we understand the importance of creating and maintaining complete product data. That's why we offer two ways to assist you in this process. Our expert team is available to handle the creation and consultation, providing you with the necessary expertise and guidance. Alternatively, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, our free-to-use tool, Entity on empowers you to create and update your data at your convenience.

Remember, the value of proper product data extends beyond its immediate impact. It forms the foundation for successful sales strategies, customer satisfaction, and long-term business growth. By prioritizing the creation of complete product data, you position yourself as a trusted and reliable brand in the eyes of your customers and partners.

So, don't overlook the significance of proper product data. Embrace the power of comprehensive information, and leverage KiSP's expert team or Entity data tool to create and maintain data that propels your business forward in today's competitive landscape. Invest in proper product data today, and unlock the potential for increased sales, streamlined processes, and a stronger digital presence.

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