Exciting New Updates to Cloud9 Service

Posted by Visualizations Team on Nov 12, 2020 4:47:00 PM

We are excited to announce that new features and enhancements have been added to our Cloud9 service. With the helpful feedback we’ve received from our users, the Cloud9 team has worked towards improving your experience with viewing and accessing your visualization resources.

Log in to your account today and try out these new features:  

Fresh Look for Logging-in. We’ve transformed the look and feel of our Cloud9 homepage. Easier navigation to other KiSP products and services while providing a more user focused login.

Customize Your ‘Default View’. Locate important resources faster with a customized default view. This can be either by project name, project number, or date. Connect with our team and let us know which view works best for you and your team, and we’ll set it by default.

Visual look for New Projects. Once a new project is uploaded and/or changes have been made to a folder, a NEW or UPDATED banner will show across the corner of the folder.

Default View feature - KiSP Cloud9 Service 

Explore by Page Number. We’ve organized your resources into easily accessible pages giving you the ability to quickly scroll through the Cloud. You can find quick navigation numbers at the bottom of your page.

Pagination feature - KiSP Cloud9 Service

Existing features ready for you to use:

Quick Search – Using the Cloud9 search box, you can find specific projects by name or number for fast results. Narrow down on the perfect renderings and animations to showcase your design expertize in front of any client. 

Sharing – You can share any of your projects on Cloud9 by right-clicking on the asset and selecting Share. This will create a generic email through Outlook with a direct link to your project. Cloud9 will also generate a shareable URL you can copy and share for quick access.

Saving – You can save any project on Cloud9 by right-clicking and selecting Save. Download assets to your computer and have them available offline so you can present to clients without the stress of internet interruptions.

Favorites – You can add any project folder or assets to Favorites for easy retrieval later. You can click on the star icon at the bottom of any folder and it will be added to the Favorites section. You can also click on the Start icon at the bottom of any asset and add it to custom Favorite folders which you can then access from the Favorites section. You can then Share that folder with clients as well.

We’re excited for you to explore our latest Cloud9 features.

New to Cloud9? Contact us at renderings@kisptech.com, give us a call at 416-499-2457 ext 2741, or fill out the form HERE to get started. If you would like more information about our Visualization services, please click here to see our full list of service offerings.

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